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Great Autox resource

#1 Post by grant » Thu Apr 18, 2019 12:22 pm

This is very good autocross tutorial series produced by Vivek Goel SCCA Solo National champ. In my opinion for less experienced drivers worth $58 bucks. Id spend money on this before new tires etc.

Vivek has some very good insights to sport and has some great ideas on how to conceptualize lines , car handling etc. Some of its intuitive and generally understood by experienced drivers but he does a good job of making it visual and easier to understand. He also does a good job of using data as opposed to opinion on how to drive courses faster. I enjoyed it more than any other Autocross book I have read and learned a few new tools of the trade.

As an FYI I co drove my FP Boxster with Vivek back in 2011 at Solo Nats. Great guy and very focused. He amazingly set FP TTOD on West Course back in 2011 when I was driving with him in my under developed FP boxster. At time my boxster essentially had an anemic stock 2.5 liter motor that I had bought off ebay for $1500 LOL! We were 100 HP down on top FP cars yet he podium-ed that car only tenths off reigning FP national champ. I threw down a very fast run on same west course where I felt I had left very little from my capability as a driver and he beat me in my car by two seconds so this guy has the juice!
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