Rules: Please read

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Rules: Please read

#1 Post by mikey » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:09 am

Forum rules

We reserve the right to ban anyone for anything. Have fun and play nice.

•Warez / Piracy / Hacking / Viruses, or illegal mp3's
•Depictions of Minors/Children (even minimal sexual context is not allowed)
•Adult / Obscene material
•Illegal Drugs / Terrorism
•Derogatory/Slanderous/Racial/Explicit Material
•Sharing of passwords / Serial Numbers / Invasion on privacy / Impersonation of others
•Spam / MLM
•Illegal Conduct of Any Sort

You choose to do any of this and you get deleted form the site and asked not to return.

This is a public forum. The admins are not the owners and as such can not be responsible for it's content, use of said content or any damages resulting in such. Be aware that this site can go away at any time, without warning. If you post content of any kind that you want to keep, I suggest you hold a copy of it. There is not a whole lot of bandwidth here so older posts with many photos may be deleted at any time to make room for new content. Keep it clean, folks... If something isn't working right, let me know in a nice way. I'll do my best to make it work. If I can't, we just have to live with it until someone shows up that can do it.
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