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New intermediate tire

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:03 pm
by grant
I'm trying out new intermediate tire on T. While I'm waiting for custom 19inch wheels for A7s going to try new Nangkang AR-1. These are supposed to come up to temp fairly quick and are very popular with Hillclimb crowd in UK. Supposed to be faster than RE71r but slower than A7. May become my defacto street/track tire to drive to events as they are more robust than A7 for street driving. 100 tread wear. AR-1 comes in 20 inch sizes that fit perfectly. 305/30/20 rear and 245/35/20 front.

Re: New intermediate tire

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:17 pm
by grant
Two AXs on these tires now. They definitely need scrubbing in - needed full event before they really started to hook up. ....and they work best at near 30 PSI for me. While no A7 once warm they are marginally better than RE71 R I was running previous on same wheels and setup. This past weekend I ran AM session with Corvette club at Marina and put down TTOD in AM on these tires. A well driven newer Porsche GT on A7s would likely have been faster though. Overall AR1 is a decent DOT R competition tire - probably better track day tire but does give a little edge over fastest street tires in AX if you can get them warmed up. Overall aside from crazy noise these make very decent tire from Taiwan. They just need to make a softer compound version, make them lighter and quiet them down!


Very tough well built tire with decent tread - safer than A7 to drive to events
Very stiff sidewall
Comes in 20 inch sizes that work with newer Porsche wheels
Heat up fairly quickly compared to Toyo R888 and other 60 to 100 TW comp R tires. Makes them a decent/cost effective fun run tire if you arent worried about classing.
Did I say these are cheap? Almost half the price of Hoosiers. About same cost as RE71.
They look like they will last a long time if they dont heat cycle . After two events they barely look worn.
They dont collect OPR (Other peoples rubber) as much as other tires I have used - even less than RE71 R. Also not as many rocks picked up as with other comp tires.
Awesome braking response. One of better tires I have used - lets me go very deep into braking zone . Id venture to say they are equal to better than A7 on Marina cement.


They are freaking boat anchors - heaviest comp R tire I have ever used
Require lots of scrub in time before they are effective - I had almost no traction first event on these tires - after 1 event and about 75 miles of street driving they worked much much better.
They are LOUD - Sounds like old Toyo R888 - Think 4x4 with mudders!
A bit more unpredictable than RE71 at limit. AR1 let go all at once at limit. More unpredictable under-steer and over-steer than with RE71 R.
They are 100 tread wear which in SCCA puts you in with prepared class cars on A7s.
RE71 is more livable tire for me than AR1. Can run RE71 R on street a little easier and less noise than AR1 and retain 200 tread wear class advantage.
Lateral grip is not much better than some of top street tires used for AX. But they do have a braking advantage over street tires for sure.