Pele Ring of Fire SCCA Solo Super Street Build. Lol! ...SSP build

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Re: Pele Ring of Fire SCCA Solo Super Street Build. Lol! ...SSP build

#41 Post by grant » Thu Jun 13, 2019 12:39 pm

Well looks like I will have tires this week but nothing else until mid July now. Dampers taking longer due to order backlog and wheels taking longer too. So likely wont have car prepped for SSP until August but found cool class with local SCCA that lets SSP cars run street tires indexed.. So I have a temporary class to run until I get suspension and wheels/tires on the car. Again just the power boost on stock car is incredible. This car is a freaking rocket out of the hole of slow turns. Something about being thrown back into seat that brings big grin to my face. It lacks grip with skinny 295 rear tires so can be tricky to control (haha did big tank slapper at Marina last weekend getting too cocky with early power out of turn) but once it hooks up it has GT3/GT2 like speed. Love the fact Im on factory alignment with just a tune and car is way faster than most modded cars I have driven in past. So refreshing to not feel like I need to do much to make car fast. Im thinking coil overs and new wheels and tires and Im done. Car will be very close to a PCA TTOD car just with those mods. Should be respectable in SSP in SCCA. My times this past weekend were fairly close to full on well prepped SSP cars that were on A7s so hoping I have a competitive ride soon.

Other bt of bad news is Hoosier is stopping production of 265/35/19 A7 that I was going to use or my front tire. I grabbed a set from remaining stock at Tire rack but long term Im going to need to figure out new size. Only 295 or 235 available in future. 295 front would mean flares or at minimum very aggressive fender roll. 235 probably too skinny for AX. Man makes me wish I had stuck with stock brakes and no rear wheel steer as I could have just used my old 18 inch wheels. Such a pain in the butt getting right wheel and tire combo for this car.
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