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16mm rear sway bar

PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:28 am
by KenJ
… attempting to soften up the rear end and found a unique bar that I'm thinking was from a '68? Most of the earlies after '68 went either 15mm or 18mm. But, I'm not certain where this bar originated. I'm posting a crude illustration of the bushing locations for both the chassis and drop link. I went ahead a purchased "Porsche" 16mm bushings for the drop links and they have a corresponding groove in the center that mates with the contour of the bar's bushing area. Could this bar have come from some other model? - i.e. 944?

16mm rear bar.jpg

Update 11/19: based on PET for the period, it looks like a '67 bar. The 'unique' profile is the result of a very worn out bar.... 50 years of dirt and crud sanded down the bar. The rib in the center is probably due to the "Porsche" bushing for the 16mm having a cut grove in the inside center and therefore wasn't making contact. Don't know why it was contoured that way. The result essentially makes this a 15mm equivalent - not sure if I'll try 15mm bushes.