Falken Azenis RT 615K + review

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Falken Azenis RT 615K + review

Postby grant » Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:22 pm

Recently replaced my OEM supplied Good Year all season tires on my civic with Falken RT615 K+. Falkens are same size 235/40/18 as OEM and mounted on stock 18x8 wheels.

Complaints I had about Good years were they chirped and lost traction on fast 1st to 2 nd gear starts. Made me feel a bit boy racer squealing tires in my bright red Honda Civic Si. :tmi: All seasons under braking hooked up ok but I could feel tires squirming. On street the good years felt lively and bright. In Ax they felt awful. Losing all composure at limit. So was time for upgrade.

I condisdered a few tires Michelins, Bridgestones, etc but New gen Falkens were on sale for $140 a tire while most of there were over $200. Been a long time since I last had a set of Falkens (old 914 days). Was a little hesitant buying these for my daily driver as they might be too aggressive noisey , etc, but what a surprise !

Falkens ride better and make far less noise than my OEM good year tires. They soak up bumps very well. Amount of grip they offer on the Honda Civic is crazy. I went for fun drive over Hwy 9 and stick that these tires offer is insane! I'm talking Porsche levels of grip in a freaking Honda. My one complaint about the Falkens is that they feel fairly dead on turn in. Not a lot of feel but they are working. Good years actually had better road feel .

No more lost grip in 1st and 2nd gear now with Falkens. And braking has been vastly improved. Funny with all seasons suspension always felt composed. With high grip of Falkens suspension under braking still feels great but can start to feel softer spring rates and dampening of street car get a bit stressed. This is probably one of the quickest stopping sedans I have driven.

It's very clear honda suspension engineers are fairly genius. Suspension tuning to all seasons was perfect. They use g sensors in stability control . With all good year all seasons on street the car would move a round a bit and stability control would allow power be applied as car would move around at low G forces. Conversely the Falkens generate over 1 g in lateral cornering force and when mid turn at high G I can now feel stability and traction control trimming power oh so slightly . Makes car for more capable but little less fun on street now as limits are so much higher.

Overall great tire that offers probably some of best bang for the buck performance if you can live with vague turn in feel. I prefer tires that give me a little more feedback but these tires do everything else so well that I'm willing to overlook lack of feel.
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