Kuhmo Ecsta PS91

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Kuhmo Ecsta PS91

Postby grant » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:57 am

So new 981 Boxster S rolled up on 15000 miles and time for new shoes for 20 inch turbo wheels. OEM Pirellis were decent. Couple of AX class wins but they were not in class of Bridgestone RE71. I was cringing at thought of expensive Michelins or Bridgestones. New Kuhmo Ecsta PS91 was on sale for $150 a tire ! What a deal! Rocking tires for the price. Almost there with fast AX tires but with great ride on the street. How do they do this at half the price of nice Michelin? Tire actually looks like a copy of the Michelin.
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