Post mortem on OS Giken LSD issue on 370Z

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Post mortem on OS Giken LSD issue on 370Z

Postby grant » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:19 pm

Brian was still testing the OS Giken that I was sure failed and was partial cause of my Hill climb crash a couple years ago. He had put my ol 370Z OS Giken LSD into his 2016 25 hour of TH winning 350Z and was finding on some courses he was having similar issue with OS Giken LSD slipping and then abruptly locking on turn exit. Think he figured out issue just recently. His 350 Z was running my 370Z's suspension (he bolted my subframe into his 350 Z. Was using same JRZ.s Well he found that our JRZ's didn't have enough droop and that on some tight turns inside wheel was lifting a little. Well in speaking with OS Giken their design doesn't work like typical clutch LSD and doesn't engage when a wheel is off the ground. Brian had JRZ add an extra inch of droop ....problem gone and the OS Giken is now LSD of choice for his entire team.

So there I have it. I know on that particular turn at Hoopa where I lost it not only was it sharp but it was off camber. Must have lifted rear wheel allowing LSD to disengage and then when wheel came back down it locked with motor spinning at 7500 RPM and took me for a ride I wont soon forget. Makes sense it did not happen my first run as I wasn't pushing car until second run when I went boom.

One of those things that has been bugging me as we could not figure out the failure mode of that LSD. Makes so much sense now that Im thinking of when it was slipping and locking.
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Re: Post mortem on OS Giken LSD issue on 370Z

Postby Bill C » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:14 am

A clutch type LSD that doesn't work when one wheel lifts off the pavement????? that sounds strange to me. Nice to have a solution to something that has been bothering you for so long.
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